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Singularity Holster

Singularity Holster


Slim Edgy and Elegant holster with double holster pockets big enough for the newest iphone created with zippers for security of your items. This lightweight and elegant holster is both functional and versatile.

Hand-crafted by artisan tailors paid a living wage using natural leather that is the bi-product of the meat industry in Indonesia (where goats and sheep are a staple part of the diet). 

Disclaimer: Leather expands and molds to your body, we use leather and stretch silk so it will over time fit perfectly. When you get a new leather item often they are a bit tight but after worn in, it will mold to you. If your leather is too tight to the degree of 2 inches then we should re-make it for you. But if you can factor those two inches in first to determine if you need a different size.  Our XS FEMALE is cut to 35-25-35 and our S MALE is cut to 40 Chest and 32 waist. 

This product is made to order, please allow time for production and delivery 2-6 weeks